Welcome to the Citizens for Klamath County Schools Political Action Committee Web site

Our schools need help. From outdated fire systems and asbestos flooring to inefficient heating systems and a modular elementary school, the buildings that show pride in our communities are in dire need of funding. The $31 million bond measure will help ensure our students' facilities are healthy, safe and energy efficient.

By investing in our schools, we're investing in the communities and neighborhoods that make up Klamath County. Our committee is working to inform voters about the need for this bond, how it will affect the Klamath County Schools and bring pride back into our communities.

About The Citizens for Klamath County Schools PAC

When there is a need, the good people of Klamath County are always willing to help. With that in mind, the Citizens for Klamath County Schools PAC is made of folks who want to help ensure our local schools get the help we need. Learn More About Us and Our Supporters.

Have Questions About The Bond Issue? We Have Answers.

Want to learn more about the bond issue, how it will affect your taxes or why our Klamath County Schools even need this? Get your questions answered by visiting our Frequently Asked Questions. And if you're curious whether or not a school in your area will benefit from this bond, check out the list of Proposed Projects.

Help Your Local School and Your Community. Get Involved!

It's going to take a lot of support from a lot of people to get this bond measure passed. Every little bit helps. There are simple things you can do to help, ranging from adding your name to our list of supporters and liking us on Facebook, to volunteering time and donating money. Ready? Join us today!